Ojai, CA

08. February 2011 general 0
I took a little day trip to Ojai with my friend Angie who had a consultation with Stephen Karcher an IChing and divination expert.  http://stephenkarcher.com/blog/  Angie’s consultation was amazing and it was awesome to have access to this expert who moved back to the States from Switzerland and is working with the group www.instituteforculturalchange.org. While ...

FIDM presents to Urban Decay

04. February 2011 general 0
I teach Beauty Branding at FIDM, an advanced marketing class focused on the industry.  And to make it more applicable and interesting I ask friends at local brands to sponsor class projects.  This past Fall, Urban Decay and Smashbox were our focus brands.  And last week Urban Decay invited a few students from their group ...

Sustainable Beauty

29. January 2011 general 0
Anthony and I are striving to live a more sustainable life.   We visited the Sepulveda Garden Center, http://www.ci.la.ca.us/rap/dos/horticulture/sepulveda.htm, where for $25 a year you get a 10 X 20 foot garden plot on their 20 acre facility.  There are tools available for everyone to use and for $10 they till your garden.  The community there ...


12. January 2011 general 0
Passion is Beautiful I’ve been teaching at FIDM for about a year and a half now.  There are two things that I love about the school, the students and the subjects.When I went off to Loyola in the early ’90’s to get my BA, higher learning was generally considered the next step in pursuing a ...

National Geograpic Traveler

03. December 2010 general 0
Nature is Beautiful I met Catherine Karnow downtown last summer while she was photographing LA for National Geographic Traveler.  She sent me the link to the picture I was in and I spent several hours perusing all the other beautiful locales.  God always gets it right.http://travel.nationalgeographic.com/travel/city-guides/los-angeles-photos-traveler/#/01-los-angeles-hollywood-sign_26662_600×450.jpg

Kate Somerville Quench + Giorgio Armani Foundation

24. November 2010 general 0
On of the areas I am having my FIDM class research is Complexion Matrixes.  Which basically means the standard steps you follow each day with your complexion products. Each company has a different design of what products they feel are absolutely necessary to create a perfect canvas.  That said, most artists agree that perfecting complexion ...

My Favorite Kate Somerville Products

13. November 2010 general 0
I shot product tutorials at Kate Somerville’s clinic this past week and am excited to share my favorite picks.Although I first have to mention that the people who work at the clinic are my favorite thing about the business.  Jamie Yee, Director of Education is so incredibly informed and down to earth that I want ...

My Week at Murad

01. November 2010 general 0
  Last week I spent 5 days training with the Murad team on their Inclusive Health program that I will be teaching the next two semesters at FIDM.My experience at Murad has really changed the way I think of Beauty. I followed Dr. Murad on rounds, spent a great deal of time studying to become ...

Cherry and Laffy

25. October 2010 general 0
I met Cherry and Laffy outside of The York in Eagle Rock. It was great seeing such an enigmatic couple enjoying each others company on a Sunday afternoon. Cherry has, quite simply, the most beautiful bone structure ever.  And Laffy’s style is what LA looks like in my dreams. Since it’s out of the shot, I think ...