The Wonderful World Of Brows

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The Wonderful World Of Brows




Ah brows, the frames to the windows of our souls.  I, like many people, have had a love-hate relationship with my brows and therefore worked through the effects of waxing, threading, covering and plucking over the years.


I have a lot of friends who have over waxed or over plucked and are now left with a permanently anemic arch.  And I have a lot of friends whose brows have naturally thinned over the years, which leaves them cocktailing different formulations each morning to “create” brows.


A few quick tips on shape:

  • The thick, inside start of your brows should line up exactly with the outsides of each corresponding nostril.
    • Hold a makeup brush straight up at the side of your nostril with the handle going up past your eyebrow. Any strays that fall inside the handle, into the area between your brows, could probably go.
  • The tail of your brow arch should fall into a straight line starting from the corner of your nostril, after it passes the outside of the corner of your eye.
    • Hold up a makeup brush at the base of your nostril. Line it up wit the outside corner of your eye.  The point that brush handle passes through your brow line is where your brow should stop.
      • This just completes “the frame”.
    • A lot of us have brows that stop short. Where they stop short will guide you on how far to extend you tail.


My two cents on brows:

  • Natural is beautiful! Embrace your shape and texture.
    • If you feel you need a professional to shape your brows, find one you trust and make modest changes.
    • Brows are really finicky and they significantly thin/change as you age. I can’t tell you how many friends I have with thin brows that never overcame a too zealous plucking or waxing stage.  Hair, all hair, indicates health and youth.  Too thin, on the head or the brow, doesn’t look great because it visually indicates lack of vibrancy.
  • DO NOT ask your hair colorist to “slap a little on your brows” while she’s doing your hair. It’s a completely different situation and you will end of with something that does not look natural.



    • Ecobrow – this is my day to day go to and what I’d recommend to anyone just learning to work with a new formulation or just starting to “shape” their brows. A sheer cream that is super easy to build.  The pot will last you forever and the formula is mineral based.
    • Sappho – a new artistry brand from Canada. I love this line!  Created by an experienced film and television artist, these products are clean, expertly formulated, easy to apply and layer to make a beautiful “Natr-essional” look.  Because this is a professional artistry line, the shade ranges are an amazing point of difference.  As an example, the Taupe Grey shade of Brow cream is a perfect brown with slightly cool undertone.  It will blend seamlessly with a few grey hairs, without looking unnatural.
    • Anastasia – I had my brows done a few times by Anastasia (back in the day before she had a product line). She is the queen of brows and her product’s success reflects that.  I would describe her cream as the fullest coverage I use.
    • Tools
      • Ecobrow Brush – my favorite brow applicator. Sheer, flexible bristles that make it easy to apply and build.
        • Note: the thicker the bristles on any makeup brush, the more product it picks up, and deposits.
      • Antonym Spindle – perfect length, bamboo, handle. Strong, yet flexible, spindle with long reach.  Good for brows and lashes.
  • GELS:
    • Face Stockholm – I love this sheer, beautiful pigment, though I am not a fan of the brush, which is a traditional mascara wand shape and size. I am also an overall fan of this beautiful line, still run by founder and daughter.
    • Eyeko – A quick drying, highly pigmented gel with an amazing cone shaped brush. Very easy application that builds easily while wet, and stays put as soon as it dries.
    • Glossier – Boybrow is a flexible cream that applies like fibers. It has a great cone brush and its main point of difference is that the flexible formula helps shape brows, instead of just filling.
    • Plume – A fuller consistency cream (similar to Anastasia), but with growth serum.
    • Cocokind – love everything about this beautiful line. Priscilla set out to make natural accessible + cool, and she succeed brilliantly.  The entire line is under $25 and all USDA certified Organic.  The hero ingredients are superfoods and the results are immediate.  This product does double duty as growth serum by day and styler by day.
    • Province Apothecary – By far the most effective growth serum I’ve ever tried. This serum is really just appropriate for night, as it would be tough to layer cosmetic products on top during the day.  But, the effects I saw after just a week or two of use were awesome.  This product has helped me through a few bad tweezing incidents where I got overzealous, or maybe just indicate a need for glasses.





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