Best in Class – Facial Oils and Serums

Best in Class – Facial Oils and Serums


Hi All,

Hands down my favorite facial care category, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite facial oils and serums. Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


  • Acure: Coconut Argan Oil – In my opinion, Acure is the best bang for you buck in terms of product quality to $ ratio. –
  • Aesop: Fabulous Facial Oil –
  • Badger: Damascus Rose Facial Oil – I loved working with Badger for so many reasons. Business “Sales Review” meetings were actually inspiring. And they sent these beautiful “Badger” art postcards with their corporate correspondence, I still have some on my inspiration board. I also heard they have a community garden at their corporate office. If you need a pick me up, check out their inspiring story and ethical business practices. Other great products: all things SPF –
  • Board & Batten: Sunrise Serum – not sure if Patricia is still producing this particular product. I’m visiting her next week and will follow up:) Patricia is truly “Farm to Face”, sourcing a lot of her ingredients from the 600 acre farm she calls home in Florida. I’m so excited to experience this inspiring place and will post pics. Another of my favorite products of hers is the Eye Revive with Olive Squalene. I’ve struggled with eye creams not absorbing and saw an immediate effect with B&B’s gel type formula. –
  • Cocokind: Chia Facial Oil – Worth a perusal of entire site. There are several things I love about Priscilla’s line: price point accessibility for all, USDA Organic (every, single thing), simplicity, efficaciousness and awesome branding. Also, Priscilla, if you happen to read this, could ya send me a Golden Elixir:0 Dying to try… –
  • Evan Healy: Lots of things!! For God’s sake, just go to the site and then send me a thank you note. If you haven’t heard of evanhealy before, prepare to have your world rocked. The first “natural” skin care line I went all in for, their quality, knowledge and thoughtfulness in product development are matched only by their authenticity as human beings. Miss you David, drop me a line will ya mister?!? Lemon Thyme, Lavender and Rose Geranium Hydrosouls, Sea Algae Serum, Neem Facial Oil
  • Juice Beauty: Soothing Serum –
  • Kiehl’s: Daily Reviving Concentrate – one of only four Kiehls products I could find that met Whole Foods standards. Love the invigorating smell and brightening effect –
  • Mad Hippie: Vitamin C Serum, I missed this one in the video! But plan to do a full line review because Mad Hippie is AH-mazing! Their Vitamin C serum is the single best remedy for hyper pigmentation that I have found to date. –
  • Olive & M: My amazing esthetician, Laura Munoz, told me about this line. Which is a testament to how awesome she is as I’ve pretty much tried everything at this point. Later, I got to meet the founder, Mariska, at Indie Beauty in Dallas. And now feel appreciative to call her a friend. I will say that I can’t personally use argan oil, it’s just to heavy for my giant pores. And Mariska’s line is the most hydrating products I’ve found that don’t clog my pores. I swear I can hear my skins say “thhhaaank uuu” when I use the cleanser after a day of being on camera. So, if you’re like me, with that “blessed” sometimes dry, but quick to clog up, type skin: this line is for you. –
  • PLANT Apothecary: A Facial Oil MADE for oily skin. I would categorize this as a “prestige” or higher price point, but product that is totally worth the $. Plus the founders are the most lovely people ever, and have BADASS design skills. Appreciation to founder Holly for making oil “sexy” again:) –
  • S.W. Basics: – Oil Serum – straight forward ingredients that are also unique, although a touch expensive in my opinion –
  • SanRe: Lemon Sparkle – The Branding and packaging does not do this product justice, give it a try –
  • Trilogy: Rosehip Oil –
  • You and Oil : Nourish & Energise Vitamin Face Serum, “Engergise” is not a typo. This fab brand is from Lithuania. Make sure to check out the best in class marketing online.


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