Which Natural Concealer Is Right For You?

Which Natural Concealer Is Right For You?

Hi, ladies!  Jeanne here with a product review for Hunting Pretty. Thanks for joining me today. I’m really excited about this one. I’m going to do a best in class for five natural concealers.

The reason I was very excited to do this one is because I’ve been using natural beauty products for six or seven years. But color cosmetics, it really took a long time for that category to get to the performance level of conventional products. But in the last two years, at the shows and in my meetings with suppliers as a buyer, I’ve seen some of the highest performing products in cosmetics, all with natural formulations. I picked a couple of my favorites based on three things: shade range, payoff/longevity, meaning how buildable it is, and then ease of use.

Dr. Hauscha’s and W3ll People Concealers for Lightweight Coverage

My first two lightweight favorites are easy to use. First is Dr. Hauschka’s. I don’t know if you guys are familiar with Dr. Hauschka, but it’s a heritage skin care brand based in Germany. Amazing products, all botanical-based. This year, they re-launched cosmetics and added a few new items. So, the Light-Reflecting Corrector is my favorite item in their entire line, now. It’s super-easy to use, because it’s a click pen, and it has light reflecting properties in it, so it can act as a highlighter, but it also helps reduce the appearance of dark under-eye circles.

My next favorite light coverage concealer is W3ll People. I love the consistency of this, because it’s this lightweight mousse. It’s really different than those heavy, kind of cakey concealers. It’s easy to build, but it feels moisturizing, so it feels nice and dewy.

Au Naturale and Sappho are Great for Ease of use

I picked my next two concealers because they’re super-easy to use. This one is actually a foundation. This is Au Naturale’s foundation stick, but in a pinch, in a car, in a bathroom, on bad date, this formula can be built. So, you can use it as foundation.  And you can also just layer a little bit more on your eye, any blemishes, or any red areas, and it acts as a concealer as well.

This new brand, Sappho, I met just this last August in New York at Indie Beauty Expo. It’s founded by a make-up artist out of Canada. The reason I love this concealer is that it’s super-creamy, but it has buildable coverage, so you can make it sheer, but you can add on more to cover any more blemishes, or just throughout the day, but it doesn’t get heavy and cakwy. And it stays moisturizing.

For Full Coverage use Clove & Hallow Concealer

My last concealer is Clove & Hallow, which is also a new brand founded by a make-up artist here in the states. Artistry lines are known to have a couple great proponents: amazing shades for all skin tones and then also great buildable coverage. This concealer is the fullest coverage concealer that I have. It’s definitely really good for those mornings when you’re kind of dragging yourself out the door, so coffee plus this concealer equals a Monday that might happen. Full coverage concealers are super-tricky to create, the reason being, the more product you put on, it builds and builds and builds and you get that cakey, weird, spackled look. But this one is very moisturizing. It’s sheer, so you can layer on, and you get complete coverage without it looking cakey or dry.

So, across these five concealers, you can get any type of payoff that you want, from super-sheer and light-reflecting in Dr. Hauschka to very full coverage in Clove & Hollow. And all the formulations are natural and they go from entry price point to prestige price point. If anybody out there has any questions, or products or brands you want me to review, or if any brand wants me to do a brand evaluation, feel free to get in touch.



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