Exploring The Awesome Indie Beauty Expo In Dallas

Exploring The Awesome Indie Beauty Expo In Dallas

I attended Indie Beauty Expo’s inaugural event in Dallas a couple weeks ago.  https://indiebeautyexpo.com is a trade show devoted to promoting independent brands and the entrepreneurs behind them.  Indie brands have moved firmly to the forefront of trend, particularly in the natural landscape.  Retailers, influencers and even larger brands have begun looking at their development to determine future shifts in the beauty industry.

With 70+ brands in attendance I found a fair amount to be naturally based.  There were significantly more facial care brands in attendance which is on par with the natural industry at large.

There were several with unique oil attributes:

  • https://provinceapothecary.com – featuring tumeric in an anti blemish treatment oil.  And a brow growth serum that works amazingly!!
  • https://oliveandm.com – I adored this line and it’s awesome founder Mariska.  Olive & M features a straight forward mix and effective ingredients.  Featuring olive oil sourced in her local Texas I found the products enlightening.  The cleanser was balancing and the serum hydrating without clogging my pores.
  • http://kindredskincareco.com – founded by a former materials, I found Frances’s knowledge of ingredients and how they react to be very advanced.  My favorite products were the cleansers and Morning and Nightly Nourish oil.
  • Castor Oil – is having a real moment in facial care after long be used in food for it’s antibacterial and antifungial properties.  Omega 3 oils help reduce the appearance pigmentation and scaring.  And it’s also a guest star in Province Apothecary’s Full Brow Serum.

Beauty, artistry, and alternative deliveries for mineral cosmetics:

  • https://www.antonymcosmetics.com – beautiful baked blushes and foundation
  • https://www.aunaturalecosmetics.com
    • sheer foundation sticks that give light coverage and a natural finish
    • beautiful powder blushes in a pump applicator
    • eye cream sticks with a wide mix of trend colors
    • fine eye shadow powder in a roll on
    • cream color correctors that fix without masking
    • a natural lip stain with gorgeous long lasting colors



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