A Beautiful Day At Frida Kahlo’s Amazing La Casa Azul

A Beautiful Day At Frida Kahlo’s Amazing La Casa Azul

No trip to Mexico City would be complete without a visit to Frida Kahlo’s house.  About a hour an hour outside of the city, La Casa Azul is located in a residential neighborhood with a popular outdoor market.  This is Frida’s childhood home, which she expanded later when she returned as an adult.  You can buy tickets online or stand in line for about 20 – 30 minutes to purchase on site.  It’s a good idea to pay the extra photography fee as you will most likely want to take pictures once inside.

A look into Frida Kahlo’s world

There are some of her early works on display, but the most interesting parts are her living quarters and artist’s studio. The studio has her tools, easel and chair on display, amongst her vast book collection. Her small bedroom, adjacent to the studio, feels as if she has not been long gone.

The beautiful grounds have a central garden that many of the rooms open onto.  It’s remarkable to imagine the number of artists, writers, politicians and influencers that spent time with Frida in her home.

One of the most interesting parts is a small museum, set up in a new building addition, that displayed some of Frida’s clothing, jewelry and body casts.  Each item looked like a costume designed for a life passing through with the soul purpose of bequeathing beauty.  Frida chose her garments for their detail and use of craft, she wanted to support artisans and traditional clothing.  While she was often greeted with ridicule for her appearance, in Mexico and outside, she always took immense pride in her dress and ignored commentary.

Even the intimidating body casts are lovingly painted with flowers and vines. Her platform boot, needed to offset the difference in her legs, was scarlet red with velvet ribbons and flower appliqués. Beauty everywhere.


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