23. October 2010 general 0

One of the benefits of living in LA is frequenting all the top beauty services available. 
I get my brows done at Anastasia’s (face changing).
I often get my fav beauty brands directly from the creators.
My friend at Vidal Sassoon (one of my old Kerastase accounts) cuts my hair.
Shareen Vintage, Korean Day spas, the list goes on.
One of the only beauty ventures that I found pretty disappointing (and painfully unbearable) was bikini waxing.

I got a Brazilian from the women who does the Playboy bunnies.  Painfully up there with what I expect child labor to be, and far less necessary.
And I realized, all trends don’t need to be followed by everyone.
Recently, I met a friend on Facebook (love Facebook!) who has an amazing woman’s grooming product for shaving.
BYB Woman is a moisturizing, rich shaving cream specifically for the bikini area.
I totally, totally loved the effect and the usage.  I had tried multiple other tricks and tips to avoid ingrown hairs and nicks and found BYB to solve all of the above.
Thanks Hans!

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